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The foundation of our company were laid in the 1940s in Istanbul. Our company has the responsibilty of producing high quality toys ,help the physical and mental development of children by a conscious renovator,respectful,eviromental and liable. Pilsan manufactures battery group, bicycle and pedal group, truck and construction equipment group, mind games and educational kits, education and sport group, swinging toys, summer toys, baby and kid materials, toys with chain and pedal, park and garden group and such product range on Europe’s largest toy factory which has 135.000 m² total area. With this new plant we expand our total land to 160.000 sqm and 71.000 sqm indoor production area, now we are proud of beign Europe’s biggest toy factory since 2015. Pilsan uses worldwide known injection, blow and rotation techniques and prepares patterns of all products in-house. Pilsan uses the latest generation machines and pattern technique by following the changing and evolving technology with each passing day in production techniques. Pilsan has 50 Injection, 30 Blow molding and 5 Rotational molding manchines in its production. Today, % 40 our production is exported to more that 70 countries in all around the World. As a company vision we always follow the development of the production technology with its Professional staff and continue to grow up ,developpe new and licenced products.
Since 1983, we are serving in the cycling sector with our innovative perspective and experience that we acquired by being one of the leading brand in sector. We are eager to improve our production and service processes in order to satisfy to expectations and needs of the industry by the means of our consumer-centric approach. Furthermore, we are committed to actualize our objectives without compromising our product variety, quality and affordable price positioning. As Umit Bisiklet, we are in your service in all around Turkey. Moreover, with our internationals presence, we are introducing Turkish quality to overseas markets. We are forming a big family with our business partners, suppliers, employees and valuable customers.
Our company which started to work with cold iron steel construction work in Heybeliada in 1992, started to rental business with bicycle sector in 1996. Our company which has been researching on steep slope and loadable three wheel electric bicycle which is suitable for Adana Conditions once, ADALAR has become the next means of transportation for its people from phaetons. In 2000, ARGE investments, increasing market share in line with the importance given to institutionalization, has made our company to decide for new investments in the process of decision making in the sector. When environmental factors change, continuous production of gasoline prices and traffic problem, our company provides advantages to buy lots of products Adabis brand sales were presented with an eye to continue its sales by inserting the market etmistir.adabis TURKEY bike was sold. Adabis Bicycle, offered for sale, offered for sale. Adabis today, was not preferred by a majority of Turkey's largest corporate firms in products and services; it continues its path with the excitement of the first day without losing its value.
We are proud of being involved in the Turkish bicycle industry with the production techniques, knowledge and experience we have developed over the years in the field of aluminum production. KOREL Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. In 1988, with the aim of producing aluminum materials for the white goods industry, the aim was to increase the variety of materials and production capacity over the years. 20.000 tons of aluminum material is produced annually for domestic and foreign white goods and automotive supplier industry which are producing in the field of heating and cooling. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., which transforms crude aluminum material into its own casting and pipe factories, In 2015, a new investment decision has been taken for the manufacture of aluminum bicycles and all aluminum parts used in the bicycle industry with local possibilities. It was decided that the bike would be offered to CORELLI brand and the aluminum bicycle, parts and other equipments to the bicycle market of Turkey with DACRON brand. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, which can produce its own aluminum scorecard with its own possibilities. Aluminum material production knowledge and experience in the field of bicycle production will also be the pioneer of innovation in the bicycle industry. Our bicycle factory with 8.000 m2 closed and 3.000 m2 open area has aluminum welding department, T6 oven department, dye house, assembly line, label application line and staff test laboratory for staff production. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Þ. Our aim is to produce with zero mistake and to reach the bicycle user from every income group the comfort and lightness of bicycles produced with aluminum staff. As we enter the 2018 sales period, we are pleased to present a completely new product range in terms of product range and technical specifications in parallel with the developments in the world bicycle industry. KOREL ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. A. S.